Friday, January 06, 2006

The war on terror is the real women's issue

Via Danegerus
The Kallini Brothers:
Just before the 2004 U.S. elections, Cameron Diaz appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show to explain what was at stake:

"Women have so much to lose. I mean, we could lose the right to our bodies . . . If you think that rape should be legal, then don't vote. But if you think that you have a right to your body," she advised Oprah's viewers, "then you should vote."

The question is not whether Cameron's lost all rights to her body, but whether she's lost her mind. After presenting the 2004 Presidential election as a referendum on the right to rape, Miss Diaz might be interested to know that men enjoy that right under Islamic legal codes around the world -- and, given that more countries live under Sharia than did 50 years ago, that means more women have "lost the right to their bodies". Under the Taliban, women were prevented by law from ever feeling sunlight on their faces.
...isn't the war on terror the real "women's issue"?
In America '60 per cent of college graduates are now women' yet the Taliban beheaded a teacher just this week for daring to instruct... drum roll please... women.

Apparently our educational investment... isn't.
Isn't educational that is. Not when it comes to advancing women's rights in the 21st century.


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