Thursday, January 05, 2006

Compare and Contrast

Texas 41 USC 38

I've lived in California for a long time and would have liked to see USC win. But. I just can't help but notice the contrast between these two quotes:

From the Southern California Trojans' QB:
Said Leinart: "I still think we're a better football team. They just made the plays in the end."
From the Texas Longhorns' QB:
"The tears hit me last night when I got in from hanging out," Young said. "I laid in bed and I was listening to ESPN for a little bit. I mean, everybody was asleep and I kind of went on the balcony and just sat out there and had my little words with the man upstairs, and they basically came down. I'm just a real blessed guy to be in the position I am right now."
UPDATE: I didn't post these quotes because I agreed or disagreed with them, nor was it because I think the two quotes are connected in any way other than in seeming so unusual to me. First Matt Leinart, who has a Heisman Trophy, says something that is generally considered to be bad sportsmanship - that the other team won but we're a better team. (I wonder if Leinart is a Democrat.) Even if he thinks it's true it's still a conceited thing to say to a reporter. Then Young, who may have just positioned himself as the number one pick in the NFL draft, actually realizing how blessed he is. I've heard atheletes give thanks to God before, but for some reason, Vince Young's statement seemed noteworthy.


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