Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Would you join today?

That's what Rep. John "War-Hero" Murtha was asked in an interview Friday:
"Would you join (the military [again]) today?"
His response:
Rep. Murtha of Pennsylvania is the top Democrat on the House of Representatives subcommittee that oversees defense spending. I'm wondering if there are faeries and/or unicorns where he lives. It's too bad penalties for desertion aren't retroactive.

H/T: Darth Misha

P.S.: Speaking of Misha, this fisking is a thing of beauty. A taste:
So unless you happen to have a degree or, failing that, have attended the College Reject Full Employment Program also known as “Journo School”, you should shut up and let the “adults” do the talking?

How very generous of you. You’ll pardon us for issuing an Imperial “Impale Yourself on a Hard Salami!” in your general direction, we’re sure.
This is no joke. As demonstrated recently by the House of Representatives (H/T Raging Dave), it is much worse than just having mainstream media attempt to discredit bloggers all the time, because the College Reject Full Employment Program is an elitist country club, and 182 House Representatives have been hired to watch the door to make sure that membership is kept exclusive even if that means sacrificing our right to freedom of speech. Legalized theft has a new dimension for liberals to play with: our thoughts as expressed on the internet. Next, they'll extend campaign finance laws to the inside of my skull.


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