Thursday, July 07, 2005


As usual, the blogs seem to contain a whole lot more information about the bombing in London today than the mainstream media - those TV people must get tired of saying the same things over and over again. Lots of pix and first-hand accounts from Londoners who were actually there. These bombing have certainly gotten everyone's attention, which of course is exactly what its perpetrators intended. If you're looking for choice information, look here. (Though you could pretty much look at any of the blogs listed under the "Links" column to the right and find solid info and commentary.)

While I would agree with the Mayor of London that those behind the London bombings are nothing but mass-murderers, and that indiscriminate killing is not an ideology or even a perverted religion (though I suppose you could call it a death-cult), I disagree with the politicians and pundits as to the supposed motivation behind the bombings. I don't think these scumbags care about "dividing London" or hating "freedom and democracy" or even their stated cause of driving Britain out of Iraq and Afghanistan. I think these shit-eating camel-fuckers are screaming to the world, "We are not impotent!" Well, they are. They can blow up a train but they can't build a toaster. Even a monkey can kill.


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