Saturday, July 09, 2005

Speak Up, Muslims

We need more Muslims like this man to speak up. Islamic people should rise up and speak with one voice damning the terrorists to hell and they should act as one to hunt them down. If they cannot do this, then they should collectively hang their heads in shame, shut their mouths and get out of our way.

For our part, we need to stop being nice to terrorists. When captured, terrorists should get blood transfusions rather than Korans - replace their blood with pig's blood. Film the process and send it to al Jizzeera. It has been made clear that Zarqawi, bin Laden and the rest of these retards watch the media as it has become their primary weapon. Why not fight fire with fire - use the media to scare the living shit out of them. Or we could just go on al Jizzeera and say Usama has a tiny penis, and al Qaeda is impotent, get our journalists to start making fun of them instead of respecting them - that would make a difference. What's that you say? It'll never happen because the mainstream media is on the side of the enemy? Ack. You're right. And Chris Mathews isn't afraid of pig's blood - he only fears 95-pound Filipino women.

UPDATE: This is a good thing (regarding how an Afghan village, of Muslims, saved a U.S. SEAL from the Taliban recently):
That night the [Taliban] fighters sent a message to the villagers: "We want this infidel." A firm reply from the village chief, Shinah, shot back. "The American is our guest, and we won't give him up as long as there's a man or a woman left alive in our village."


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