Friday, April 18, 2008

Random quotes around the blogosphere

That’s sweet, quoting the Constitution at Democrats. Might as well quote Ghandi at Stalin.
- Stephen Green

This idea that a reporter is a general universal ad-hoc expert without portfolio in any damn subject he writes upon is an absurd one, fostered primarily by reporters themselves. It's ridiculous that glorified typists go on talking heads shows to wax authoritatively on constitutional law, "climate change," diplomacy, war strategy, etc. They ought to be embarrassed at the ridiculous pretense of it. But they're not.
- Ace/Open Blog

I'm thinking that offending these neanderthals ought to be amended to the Constitution as not only an inalienable right, but as a moral obligation.
- Steve B.

Former President Jimmy Carter should be prosecuted under the Logan Act for attempting to negotiate with a terrorist entity against the wishes of the Federal government.
- Bill Wilson

It is not a good sign when the enemies of America are saying the same thing as Presidential candidates. It means the two see common cause.
- AJ Strata

But let’s pause, and take a look at all the endorsements [Obama has] gotten so far from the world’s radicals, terrorists, tyrants, and their supporters. They’re starting to stack up:
- NiceDeb


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