Monday, February 04, 2008

About McCain

Despite his hot-headed arrogance, corruption (notice how McCain is the only Republican in the Keating Five), his demonstrated ignorance on economic issues, and the fact that he has sided with the demonrats more often than the pubbies over the past few years and continues to do so, the problem facing McCain isn't just that conservatives can't forgive him for stabbing them in the back over and over again as he was praised by the NY Times and Washington Post, and can't vote for him even to save us from Queen Hillary (and the civil war that would follow) or Mr. Messiah O'Bambi and his "most liberal voting record in the Senate." The problem isn't just that he tried to push through his piece of shit amnesty bill TWICE before against the wishes of the vast majority of Americans (and not just republicans). No, there's another problem -- people like me who have literally taken a pledge, years ago, to support his opponent in his next election, and I do not break my promises or pledges. Ever.

Besides, McCain is the most liberal Republican out there. Just investigate the man a little. I can't believe that actual Republicans are voting for this guy. If you think the MSM wields too much control over our politics, and you're voting for McCain anyway, then you should hang your head in shame.


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