Thursday, August 02, 2007

Stuff to read, and another video

Just click and read:
On rent seeking.

Pretty Pony's Poverty Tour Tanks.

McCain's Hope - basically just start bashing the press. Just crazy enough to work!

Maybe cultural hegemony isn't such a good thing, as liberals become lost in their Smog of Oblivion.

Michael Yon's latest - doing the work the propaganda media refuse to do.
Dr. Sowell asks, is Defeatism Defeated? Not quite yet, but maybe if it becomes about national survival... nah, who am I kidding. To the 'rats and the propaganda media, the enemy will always be other Americans - gun owners, rich people (other than the richest, e.g., Soros, Heinz, Rockefeller), businesses, those eeeeevil rethuglicans, etc.
Tell me: If a political party bases its success on the success of our enermies, why is anyone voting for them?
Besides, al Qaeda is probably just crying wolf again. No need to take them seriously. That would be bad for world peace or something.
The real terrorists are being rounded up, so don't worry. Be happy.
And a video - it's tongue in cheek but there might be something to this:

In The Know: Is Our Wealth Hurting Africa's Feelings?


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