Friday, May 18, 2007

If Harry Reid took this stance, at least people wouldn't laugh at him

Ron writes an interesting letter. Here's a taste:
Iraq is not a déjà vu Vietnam; it’s a sewer infested with diseased subhumans operating on instructions from hopelessly contaminated DNA. The al Qaeda cancer has metastasized and is inoperable. The Hizb’allah carbuncle has spread its tentacles beyond its original Palestine in situ to open suppurating pustules in Europe and South America. The Saudi Madrassas have poisoned the fountains of knowledge in every Islamic city and nation on the planet such that weeding out the ignorance and hatred will take at least 5 generations.

It’s over. The American people cannot grasp the concept of selecting the battlefield. Our national memory is too short, our nature too forgiving, our focus too easily distracted...
It is a case for surrender basically, but the first one I've seen that makes any sense. I do not agree that Middle Eastern people are subhuman, but I can understand now why he says that. A couple years ago I would have thought it racist. I don't think they have inferior DNA, but their culture does appear diseased.
We’ve had troops in Germany and Japan since 1945; will we have to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan for 60 years as well? Let’s get out . . . of EVERYwhere. Bring home ALL the troops. Let Japan worry about NorKor. Let China worry about Islam. Let Europe worry about Europe. Let the socialists have all of Latin America.

Put our troops, what few we’ll have left after the next election, on our southern border. Let them assist after hurricanes and earthquakes and floods and fires. Make the streets safe in LA and Detroit and Atlanta and Miami, not Baghdad. And if anybody has any troubles with their neighbors, if somebody invades somebody else or steals their resources, if socialism and Sharia law don’t solve all the problems, take them to the UN to get them sorted out. Let’s stop playing Globocop...
Makes sense. At least we'd have secure borders, or not; who knows with the yahoos in DC (murder capital city of the US) in charge .


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