Thursday, May 11, 2006

"Just to be different"

Cliff May writes:

To win--in the eyes of the media--the insurgents don't have to take the city or the airport or the radio station. All they have to do is commit an act of random terrorism. They can count on the media directing outrage not at them but at President Bush. Bush--not they--is responsible for the carnage.

And reader Marv Benson:

The al Qaeda document you reported on described the media strategy as one in which al Qaeda bombs and the media blames the U.S. and Iraqi forces for not stopping it. Sure enough, that is exactly the spin that the Washington Post puts on the Tal Afar story. Shouldn't they at least acknowledge that they are following the enemy's script?

Just to be different, how about discussing the wickedness of fooling noncombatants into thinking they are getting bargain flour so that they can be murdered and be part of a story attacking people not responsible for their murder?


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