Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Clinton's legacy

Kosovo was supposed to be the "good war," the one liberals didn't complain about hardly at all (compared to the screeching over Iraq - the "bad war"), the one where the US had moral authority, the war of the social worker. Absolutely no one could argue that Kosovo was a threat to US security prior to our going in and bombing the crap out of all those Serbs. Well, it is seven years later now, and guess what? Kosovo is now the slave-trade capital of Europe:
The Albanian mafia has set up a real cartel on prostitution. It handles more than 65 percent of the trafficking in women in the Balkans." From 2004: "In Kosovo, as many as 80 percent of internally trafficked victims are children."
The response of international bureaucrats to this disgrace is predictable: ignore it and hope nobody notices. Or even better, pretend all is going well, declare the mission a success -- and hand power over to the criminals as the new sovereign "government."
If that happens, even the minimal interference in the Kosovo-based gangs' operations will be removed. A criminal state not seen since the defunct Taliban regime in Afghanistan will be set up with easy proximity to the rest of Europe.


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