Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"I'm with Stupid"

Briefly touring the MSM, it seems all the Cartoon War focus is on this one cartoon depicting Mohammed with a bomb in his turbin. This is the only one of the original twelve Danish cartoons that could be considered insulting in my humble opinion (well, there is that one with the horns, and the one with Mohammed in heaven saying, "Stop! We ran out of virgins!" but that one is genuinely funny and I cannot see how it could be offensive to anyone but an aspiring suicide bomber), but the violent reaction towards Europeans from the Muslim world just proves the point of the cartoon, that Islam's reaction to everything it doesn't like is violence - to kill it or bomb it. There is a bomb where Islam's brain should be.

Finally some Journalists who Stand By their Convictions!
Oh d-d-d-dear dear
Denmark Solidarity
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