Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hollywood continues to crank out the flops

I am getting sick of the propaganda coming out of Hollywood. From Syriana to Munich to Jarhead to Flight Plan, and now there's Annapolis. How long can they keep putting out politically motivated movies that nobody wants to watch and stay in business? I like the way Mark Steyn puts it: a conflict that’s already lasted longer than America’s participation in World War Two, Hollywood still can’t bring itself to make a film in which America’s heroes whump America’s enemies. That’s just lousy business sense.
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Blogger Akaky said...

They can keep turning this stuff out because whatever they lose here in the states they will make up in the foreign market, where the antiAmerican ideology is a big selling point. Otherwise, I cant explain it; making movies that do not attract an audience and doing so over and over again seems to contradict the basic laws of capitalism, as I understand them.

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