Sunday, July 17, 2005

Required Reading for Today

From Jeff Jarvis (I know - two days in a row. What can I say - Jeff is good.) It's a post titled, "Tolerating intolerance," which is basically about our evolving sense of political correctness and multiculturalism. Pamela Bone has similar thoughts: Perhaps it is time to set some limits.

Another must read is the London Times profile of Irshad Manji. A sample:
Doesn’t the violent Muslim minority show Islam is flawed? “I ask myself the same question,” she grimaces. Far from regarding Muslims as oppressed they have a “supremacy complex — and that’s dangerous”. This, she contends, is true even among moderates. “Literalists” who consider the Koran the “perfect manifesto of God” have taken over the mainstream; and far from misreading Islam, as Tony Blair and the Muslim Council of Britain insist, terrorists can find encouragement for murder in the Koran.

The underlying problem with Islam, observes Manji, is that far from spiritualising Arabia, it has been infected with the reactionary prejudices of the Middle East: “Colonialism is not the preserve of people with pink skin. What about Islamic imperialism? Eighty per cent of Muslims live outside the Arab world yet all Muslims must bow to Mecca.”
Definately worth reading.

And then there is the classic Mark Steyn:
"The only distraction here is the pitiful parochialism of our political culture."
Amen, brother. I just hope they don't get us all killed.


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