Saturday, July 16, 2005

Dissent within the rank: Mark Yost vs. Steve Lovelady

(Via Jeff Jarvis) Touchy, touchy, touchy! It seems members of the press are not allowed to discuss the press' coverage of Iraq. "Don't question my authority!" Question the party line and you get attacked from all sides (and yes, I would say the established press qualifies as a political party). Any dissent within the ranks is met with personal attacks and pressure for dismissal (kinda like academe). It's wild how these highly paid professionals act like schoolyard bullies, complete with name calling and threats to one's livelihood. They can dish out a whole lot of criticism but they sure can’t take it, can they?

My money's on Yost in this one (gotta go for the underdog). Lovelace is just another left-wing shill who belittles and betrays the thousands of soldiers who go into harm's way every day.

UPDATE: Greyhawk thinks the mainstream media needs to seriously start asking themselves why most Americans hate them so much.
More here and here.

Uh oh. More dissent or is reality finally settling in?


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