Monday, July 25, 2005

Carnival of Carnivals


Carnival of Revolutions
"There is no other place I want to be.
Right here, right now.
Watching the world wake up from history."
- Jesus Jones - 1991

Carnival of Comedy
"I wish my pants would get back from the cleaners. I forgot to wear underwear today."

Carnival of the Capitalists
"This week's edition of the Carnival of the Capitalists is presented using dynamic tables. You may click upon any of the column headings below to sort this week's contributions according to blog name, post title, category and description. If you're using a modern web browser, the table will automatically rearrange itself according to the heading you selected!"

Carnival of Liberty
"Stating one's opinion is, or should be, protected under the First Amendment (or at least it was until McCain-Feingold)"

Carnival of Recipes
"Some of the best recipes are born from desperation"

Carnival of Personal Finance
"The next black Tuesday will happen, just like the next earthquake, the question is when. It's worth it every once and a while to pretend it is tomorrow and see what kind of shape you'd be in."

Carnival of Cars
"Trying to explain blogging to my non-blogger friends is hard; trying to explain blogging the Carnival of Cars is nigh on impossible. That said, who cares if they don't get it? We do, and since we're the ones reading and writing its substance, that's all that matters."

Carnival of Stories
"The Americans had bombed a university building in Tehran. It was quite unexpected. It was later announced by the U.S. Secretary of State that the Pentagon had intelligence showing the facility was being used to conduct secret nuclear development which was about to give Iran their first nuclear weapon. Certainly, the fact that much of downtown Tehran was now polluted with a fine layer of dust that made Geiger counters squeal excitedly seemed to bear out the American line. Others had their doubts. Al Jazeera showed much of the Middle East erupting in riots. The Arab Street was said to believe that the US had nuked Iran. The Ayatollahs raged against the Great Satan."

Carnival of Tiny Stories
"Anitra searched for an immortal man who shared her ability to transform into a beast. News reports about brutal Portland murders attracted her and, disguised as a private eye, she interviewed the suspect. But he was a poser, lying for attention. The lies hurt more than loneliness, and Anitra ripped his heart out in frustration. - the end"

Carnival of Tomorrow
"Of course, a system that's easy on mutations across the board may allow many more bad mutations into the genome than good ones. Could we be looking at the beginning of de-evolution?"


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