Sunday, June 12, 2005

Finally after a 26 year wait I found out why Darth Vader wears that wicked suit

I watched the new Star Wars movie Friday night and was a tad annoyed both with the dialogue between Annakin/Vader and Obi-Wan on the volcano world before their big fight and with the way Obi walked away leaving a legless Annakin/Vader to roast on the steep bank of a lava river (the humane thing would have been to put him out of his misery one would think). Obi-Wan comes across as being a bit of a monster in this scene, not to mention stupid. Overall, a good movie though. I was twelve when the first one came out, an impressionable age, and I still think that the original Star Wars was the best movie ever made.

Here is some Star Wars commentary from Lileks:
...Darth says to Obi:

“You’re either with me or you’re my enemy.”

Obi sighs. The sun is behind him, so we know he’s in the right here. “Only Siths deal in absolutes,” he says.

Well, Obster, you’re not with him, right? And you’ve come to kill him, right? So Darth has a point. One might say that the Jedi failure to deal in absolutes, such as make absolutely sure Vader is absolutely dead instead of leaving him to bake like a tater tot left overnight in the broiler machine, might have served everyone well.


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