Saturday, June 11, 2005

An Aussie Gets It

I'll be making it a point to take my next out-of-the-country vacation in Australia, thanks to wonderful people like Paul Edwards:
" return for liberating Europe et al, America never asked for anything in return, except perhaps somewhere to bury their dead. It didn't colonize the defeated nations. It did not rape German women and then subjugate the nation, unlike the Soviet "liberators". Not only did it not ask for anything, it actually provided assistance to allies so that they could rebuild. And I've remembered something else myself. After the Japanese were defeated, and China was liberated. Do you think that the Chinese were exuberant in their thanks? Nope. The commies took the credit for US heavy-lifting and then turned around and started calling America 'capitalist pigs'."
Chrenkoff has been pretty cool, too.


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