Friday, May 11, 2007

New Progressivism, meet Old Progressivism

"The true meaning of progress had been long ago encoded into the U.S. Constitution, when the Founding Fathers had broken away from the earlier feudal model where the government cared for its subjects in exchange for their freedoms. Instead, they established a new model where the government’s role was to make sure the citizens had enough freedoms to take care of themselves.
This truly revolutionary model is the reason why the United States is so successful; why more than 200 years later it is still leading humanity to a better and happier future. To reverse and dismantle this model will be the opposite of progress - yet it’s exactly what the “progressives” seem to crave. Just like the Soviet Politburo stooges, they derive their definition of progress not from the American Revolution, but form Karl Marx’s archaic and disgraced Communist Manifesto."
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