Friday, January 19, 2007

Fellowship 9/11

An excellent treatment of Michael Moore's film, and the funniest video I've seen so far this year:


Anonymous Enlightenment said...

Not quite as funny as the laughably impossible "official" fairy tale of 9/11 that requires anyone looking into it to go through incredible feats of mental gymnastics if they want to go on believing in the "nineteen hijackers" nonsense, such as believing the laws of physics are changeable and changed on that one day, believing that it's just a "coincidence" the Air Force was holding at least SEVEN separate exercises that morning, believing it's just a "coincidence" that on that very morning the N.R.O. was holding an "exercise" involving the premise of "an airplane crashing into a building", believing it's just a "coincidence" that F.E.M.A. was also holding an exercise that morning for which they had a medical triage center all set up and ready for 9/11 victims, believing that "hijacker pilots" who were so amazingly incompetant they couldn't master flying Cessnas but yet were "somehow" able to fly airliners like expert pilots, one even supposedly making his "airliner" zoom into a corkscrew turn then fly along a few feet above the ground to hit the Pentagon, all without hitting his wing on the Naval Annex building, believing it is just a "coincidence" that "somebody" placed record amounts of put orders on the stock of United Airlines, American Airlines and Morgan Stanley-Dean Witter in the week before 9/11, believing that there is nothing strange at all about Bush's Secret Service staff NOT immediately whisking him away to a safer location when Card told Bush "America is under attack", instead letting him remain in that school for at least 35 more minutes, even making a press conference from there, meaning they "somehow" KNEW Bush was not even a POSSIBLE target that morning, and a mountain of other evidence that all makes the "official" 9/11 fairy tale about as believable as that pathological liar character on Saturday Night Live. The reason why 9/11 seems like a made-to-order godsend for the Bush/Cheney regime to exploit as an excuse to do whatever they feel like doing is because it WAS made-to-order! Wake up America before the bastards pull ANOTHER 9/11 to "justify" some OTHER atrocity they feel like doing!

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