Saturday, December 10, 2005

Nothing to fear but fear

Thanks to Vietnam, this war we are engaged in is being fought in the media as much as it is in Iraq and Afghanistan. Protein Wisdom makes an interesting observation: is not death as such that we fear—particularly those of us who support the war—but rather the inevitable spectacle of a parade of “deaths” pushed by an anti-war media that we fear will break our national will and fuel the kind of political opportunism we’re seeing today among many Democratics. This feeling is a defensive reaction to the recycled tropes of the Vietnam War era—the favored weapons in the arsenal of our media elites --and the knowledge that 55 thousand Americans died, ultimately, in a war that was lost here at home in the halls Congress, when political opportunists joined with self-righteous anti-war activists to break the national will, largely through a media-driven propaganda effort. In short, we fear the syndrome moreso than we fear the body bags.
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