Saturday, August 20, 2005

Iraq War Debate

Wow. This debate is just amazing - a war within a war - although I wish they would back up their statements with references more often. Statements like, "Bush and his top officials endlessly drew connections between 9-11 and Iraq...," fall pretty flat. I was there too, and that just didn't happen. When one makes a statement that is false, it throws everything else into doubt that isn't tied down. All in all, a great laundry list of talking points relating to the WOT from both sides of the issue, and an excellent illustration of intelligent minds in fierce combat, unyielding, and not finding common ground. It does seem like Swanson resorts to name-calling first, which disqualifies him of course, though I couldn't help but wish that this particular dual could end the old fashioned way - in the mortal wounding of the defeated.


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